December’s Child

December's Child Cover
December’s Child Cover Art

Every secret has a key.

As a child worker of the December Mining Corporation, 18-year-old Jett’s plan has always been to earn a life outside the mines by selling her body—a plan she’s nearly fulfilled until she reluctantly takes on a new trainee from the outside world.

The daughter of a government historian, and bartered into the slave trade by her own mother, Fiona is an outsider with a strange wealth of knowledge, and a secret worth dying—and killing—for. While Fiona’s secret may unknowingly bring death and destruction to the December Mines, Jett finds herself letting go of her jaded persona to embrace a friendship that will change her life forever.

When she unintentionally becomes the new keeper of Fiona’s secret, Jett is thrust into a fight for survival and a quest for the freedom she’s longed for. Keeping the secret could cost her her life. Searching for answers all but ensures her death.


This was my debut novel, and I couldn’t be prouder of what I accomplished in it. It’s very much an analogy for my journey in discovering my faith. It’s a walk through the darkness of not knowing, and the struggle of reconciling the bad things that happen in life when you do come to that point of believing. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes, and often leaves us questioning (and doubting). “DC” was very much a learning opportunity and the feedback I got from it, both good and bad, have lead me to refine and further develop my craft, because I’m in a constant state of trying to learn and trying to improve. –D.A. Williams

December’s Child

Publication Date: Oct 2016
Paperback ISBN: 978-1945712012
254 pages

Available in digital, paperback and hardcover through:

Barnes & Noble

The Crossover Alliance

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