Beta Reader+Street Team

A lot of work goes into making a book successful, and a lot of people make it happen. From the author, to editors, artists, and a excited street team, it takes many hands to elevate books to best selling status.

Beta Readers

Beta readers get their hands on the book first and are instrumental in providing feedback that shapes the story and refines the novel. They are critical, timely, and offer feedback, both good and bad, knowing that D.A. Williams uses all of it to develop deeper, more engaging stories. A good beta will not be afraid to say what they feel doesn’t work, and can be trusted to keep the story under wraps until its release. They get the official first look, and help make it a book well worth reading. The main perk of being a beta is getting an official Advance Reader Copy, the “first” first copy.

To be considered for beta reading The Space Between during it’s progress and after completion, contact D.A. using the contact form with your request and to receive an application.

Street Team

The street team gets people excited about the finished book and drum up interest by doing footwork in cities and towns D.A. could never get to herself, whether it be by spreading out flyers, posting on social media, sporting swag, or generally talking up the work to those who’d be interested in the piece. Street Team members, like beta readers, get certain perks for the work they do to get the book into the hands of readers nationwide, in the form of swag items and advance reader copies.

To be considered for the Street Team for The Space Between during its progress and after completion, contact D.A. Williams using the contact form with your request and to receive an application.

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