A Collab’s New Home

Some new news, for those of you wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to: my brainchild, the World’s Largest Collaborative “Choose Your Own Adventure” Novel, is now calling my site home. 

This is because my other baby, Novel Writing & Editing, is changing hands, and I’m stepping back from it to chuck all my energy and resources and focus at The Space Between, which I’ve been seriously neglecting as of late.  That’s not to say I won’t still be here for my writer friends when they need advice, or a shoulder to cry on, or a celebratory swig of champagne downed in their illustrious honor, because I am, naturally, always down for that. But it’s been months since I’ve done anything meaningful by way of writing on TSB and it’s sort of getting me down at this point, because I really think that this story has serious potential to be amazing. 

Anything featuring tragically flawed characters has to be. Right? Right. We’re all in agreement then. 

So that being said, all of my current friends and collaborators from the FB group and emails can find their chapters and our progress on the Collab page, and anyone that wants to join the project and write a chapter or lend themselves to editing, formatting, outlining, brainstorming, what-have-you-ing, can drop me a line on the contact form or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

I also love a little networking, and supporting my fellow writers who do their writerly things, so of course you can message or email or whatever just to have a chat about the woes and triumphs of writing. I like chatting. Chatting is nice.

As always, stay lovely, my friends.


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