Writerly Swag

I have a very complicated process I follow when writing. It mostly involves varying levels of procrastination. Yesterday, for instance, not only did I clean my ENTIRE HOUSE (complete with getting the little crusty gross bits from around the sinks with a toothpick…I was dedicated to the cause…) but I also made not just one but FOUR collections of writer stuff.

What and Why (and Where)

I made bags, I made notebooks (which can, might I add, be fully customized in terms of paper type, so you can do regular lines, graph paper, DOTS, whatever you’d use those for, or blank), I made posters/canvas/wood prints, I even made one robe and a headband, plus some other stuff I can’t remember now because I got sidetracked with food.

I *only* have four collections, consisting of a Kafka quote, a Hemingway quote, a Tolstoy quote (all with some graphics and such) and ones with this gem:

And you can purchase them HERE if you so choose, which I would greatly appreciate.

So there’s that. Fun stuff, as always.

More to Come

I just don’t know what it will be yet. Because I do actually need to write, you know. But still, I do plan on doing more collections with other author quotes, and some plucky “I’m a writer” stuff, and I don’t know, maybe some of MY OWN BRAND because that would just be the bees knees to have people sport something with my own work on it, and I wouldn’t even have to pay royalties.

If YOU have an idea for something that I should create drop me a line on the contact form or below in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you know I’m hanging out, and I’ll get to it.

As always, thanks for being awesome and soooo good looking!

–D.A. Williams

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