A *NEW* Site for Writers, From Me

I am an author, as you may know by now. (If you don’t, how you found me here is mysterious!) But I want to be more than just an author who writes my particular brand of fiction, I want to help other writers do that, too. So I did a thing.

Novel Writing & Editing (dot com)

I officially founded a new resource site and blog for new writers as well as already published authors that (hopefully) aids in getting great new fiction out to the readers that want to read it!

In the future, I hope to partner with artists and marketers to connect them with the writers interested in their services, as well as a public forum/chat for novelists in every stage and genre, but at the moment, you’ll find some awesome articles and a bunch of totally free master lists.


Master Lists, You Say?

SettingAndWorldBuildingQuestionnaireWhy yes, yes I do say! (I’m also talking to myself, but I find myself to be a great conversationalist, so there’s that.) In any event, we’ve developed some extensive master lists for emotions and reactions, colors, and more, plus some cool templates for character and setting development.

Assorted Other Stuff

My team and I also provide some other cool stuff, like author platform design, proofing, ghostwriting, and editing, plus some PDFs you can get your hands on that show you how to use Pinterest and Instagram as an author. It’s sweet. Pinky promise (which is the highest form of promise, by the way.)

Where’s It At?

Glad you asked, me! It’s at the appropriately named Novel Writing & Editing page! That’s a link, go ahead and click on it. I’ll wait!

Anyway, I hope it creates an atmosphere of induced writing and that it provides a ton of help for writers everywhere! Let me know how you like it!

As usual, I think you’re a beautiful, lovely soul and I appreciate you sharing this lazily spinning blue planet with me!

–D.A. Williams

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