The Space Between

“The Space Between” is a very special project for me. It’s taking it’s sweet time to be written, because my characters are the driving factors of my work and sometimes their lives deviate from the plot I had planned. So I change the plot, and write their stories, and sometimes that writing is slow.

I aim for about 2k words a day. There are days I get that, and there are days I’m lucky to get 500 words. Yesterday, I wrote none. I’m allowed some lazy days. So I tell myself.

But back to the novel.

“The Space Between” (TSB for short) was originally inspired by a song. And that song is Nothing More’s “If I Were”. Listen to it. I highly recommend it. Anyway, I heard this song and knew, in that moment, that it was a story I wanted to tell. I just didn’t know how.

And then my husband suggested I write a love story. “You’re last one was pretty dark,” he said. “Why don’t you write something about love?” So I am.

It’s still dark. Doubtlessly the darkest thing I’ve written to date, actually, but at the heart of it (pun…totally intended, I’ll be honest here), is a love story. A profound one. One that is about what love really is. The hard, beautiful, morose truth about it. Really, as usual, my husband is the one to thank for it, and so I do. Thank you, babe, (he won’t read this, but I’ll tell him about it later) for inspiring this.

I hope it’s something you all enjoy when it’s done. I hope it’s a story that makes you think, and wonder, and most of all, love. As I make progress, I’ll share it with y’all. Little tidbits and excerpts and good stuff I come up with along the way. As always, I’m eager to hear what you think and how I can make it better. To sign up to be part of my street team, or to apply to be a beta reader, shoot me a line on my Contact page.

Thanks for being a beautiful soul. And have no doubt, you are.


–D.A. Williams

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