Fun Stuff

Ever start something and get a little sidetracked?

At this point, it’s really more the norm for me than the exception. But I digress.

It’s happening to me now. I know, I know, I need to be writing. But I think I can speak for most writers here when I say it’s awfully tempting to daydream about movie options and book launches and swag.

The swag is what got me, guys. I mean, yeah, I did get distracted thinking about how Brad Pitt would make a great Adam Rouser, and then I got off track searching Pinterest for who’d play Jazzy, and thinking about how I could make a subtle cameo even though I’m an absolute introvert and it sort of gave me anxiety. But then I thought “what would I do for book swag?” and then I fell down the rabbit hole completely.

People. There’s so many fun things I can do. Really. So…sneak peek time. I can’t help myself. I’m not going to put it ALL out there, I do have to have some surprises left in the bag, you know, but a couple of things I’ll have in the TSB Swag Bag for my Street Team and in giveaways when the novel is done being…uh….written…(ahem), are:

Dog Tags:


Fun, fun. Custom Dog Tags! Since one of the book’s characters is, in fact, a dog (modelled after contest winner Dotty, from my official FB page’s unofficial official poll), it’s only appropriate to have one of these in there. What’s going to be engraved ON these tags is under wraps, you’ll have to wait and see, but it’ll be good. You’ll love it.

Bottle Openers:


Adam Rouser, the main character, spends a little too much time at the ol’ watering hole. He spends a lot of time collecting empty bottles, if you catch my drift. Hence, the bottle opener. Small, useful. Drink responsibly, though, guys. Seriously. More vintage Coca-Cola bottles, less beer. Be good.



Obviously, you can’t do book swag without a bookmark, but I have some plans to make these pretty sweet.

So, procrastinating aside, I had to indulge in preparing for cool stuff down the line. What do you think?

Tell me if you like, and what you want in book swag.

–D.A. Williams

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