It’s been a while, you lovely people!


I have taken some time off post writing here because I’ve been toiling away at a little short story called “sinEater”. For those of you who don’t know, sin eating was a big deal in 18th century Europe. While the practice of sin eating goes against common Christian principles (salvation through Christ alone), the role of the sin eater still no doubt had a place in those times.

Sin eaters were typically social and religious outcasts. They were poor, and as a means of survival they would attend the funerals of those who had died suddenly (as happened frequently yea k then as you might imagine) and would eat bread that had been laid on the body for the purpose of absolving the unconfessed sins of the deceased. They were thought to literally eat the sins of the dead, thereby adding those sins to themselves and allowing the dead to move on sin-free. Not a fun sounding job.

Cue my short story. In a world of super heroes, Shifty Blue is a sin eater. But not all is how it seems. With a couple of good friends, Johnny “Sly” Fox and Trinity “Raven” Byrd, Shifty navigates the divine task she’s been given and struggles against the preconceptions of her gift.


Because it’s a superhero story, of course I had to show off my character comic book style! Artist Abraham Di did an excellent job rendering Shifty, and is working on Sly and Raven as well. I can’t wait to share this story with you all, and hope to hear your thoughts. It’ll be one heck of a ride!

Also, just a note for all you writers out there with a penchant for superheroes and Christianity, my publisher The Crossover Alliance is creating a super hero themed anthology, and has opened submissions up to the public to fill that sucker up with awesome stories! Jump on over there to check it out!

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