Recent Tragedy- A Scary World

Scary World

The world is becoming a scary place.

I remember very clearly being a child who could find the good in everyone. I could look upon the evils of the world with childish naïveté and try to find the reason why it all went wrong, drawing from that endless well of love that is in every child’s heart and forgive the darkest parts of humanity, chalking it up to what I always felt was a lack of love that made that person feel the need to hurt others. If only they had been loved a little more, I would think. If only someone had sat with that person who was so obviously in despair that they needed to lash out at others, the whole of humanity could have been made right.

As I went about my day, pondering and mourning over the recent tragedy in Orlando, my phone alerted me to yet another grim story–a Walmart in a town I frequently go to was in a hostage situation. A single shooter was holed up, some lost soul bent on not only self destruction but the destruction of others, and I found myself terrified of the quickly declining state of our great nation. Of the future my children will inherit. For their safety and the safety of us all. It is a scarier world now than I remember it being as a child.

As an adult, I am guilty of losing that full-hearted compassion for everyone. For those who hurt others, those evils are inexcusable. And I realize now more than ever that there is Evil, capital E, in the world. One that cannot be loved away by anyone but God, and only He can right the wrongs that those who turn away from His love freely and willingly commit. I often pray for these great evils, because clearly they know not what they do. Obviously the lies they hold so close that feeds them the cancerous desires to harm others has clouded their hearts in blackness.

This is a fallen world and evils happen in this life, and it has been our job all along to bring the changes we need to see to make it good. When we demand to know where God was when tragedy strikes, I can only imagine Him asking us the very same question. Why do WE allow these tragic events to happen, why have WE not as a society brought an end to the wasting of human life? The sole consolation is that in the next life, the infinite and eternal life beyond this one, we can reap the true fruits of the spirit and our tears will be dried up.

Today, as I hold my boys a little tighter and a little closer and consider the evils of the world and the victims of them, I pray. It is a prayer for peace, for wisdom, for forgiveness and for the very real battle that is waged between good and evil to tilt back in favor of the good. It is a scary world, and my only peace is that God is seeing it all, and the fallen will be avenged.

I used to be a child who could see the good in everyone. I am now an adult who sees the good in God, even when it is so very easy to see the evil in some.

For all of those mourning, here and there and everywhere, we pray with you and for you.




2 Comments on “Recent Tragedy- A Scary World

  1. Well said Deb…… Even at 78.. I feel the world is getting scarier… and have great concern for the younger generations…. What is to become of all of us… Love Gram

    • It is scary, but it’s comforting to know how it all ends. Regardless of the trials in this life, we know that at the end of it all it will ultimately be ok.

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