New Clothes

A New Pair of Duds…

It’s been a while since I started down this path of professional(esque) writer, taking my words to the street. Years, in fact– from concept to fleshing it out to having it edited, “December’s Child” has been literal years in the making, and no small feat. In that time not only had the novel grown, but I have as well. Only stands to reason the website should as well.

The old site was in desperate need of an overhaul– this site will be a fresh start. New look, new content, and hopefully some new insights into Christian fiction (though even if you’re more into mainstream secular books, I think you’ll enjoy it.)

So today, I’m donning a new outfit in this website. I hope you’ll be inclined to stay a while and look around, and for a first peek at the novel itself, sign up to my email list (I promise to never spam you, just give you the occasional update and of course, Chapter 1 of “December’s Child”!)

As always, thanks for your support. You’re beautiful.


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