New Christian Fiction

Don’t think it can be gritty?

It’s no big secret– Christian fiction has made a name for itself. It just so happens that name isn’t exactly synonymous with edgy, gritty fiction. If the world of the written word is the ocean, Christian fiction is the floaty-wearing kid, wading in waist-high, too afraid to even reach the first sand bar.

No doubt it’s gained traction, and for good reason. In a world that seems to be ever spiraling downwards into moral depravity, the need for writing with a message is wanted (or dare I say needed?) but the fact remains that in many ways, Christian fiction hasn’t caught up with the times, and if it’s not keeping up with what’s happening out there, it’s simply out of touch with what the world really needs to be hearing.

That’s not to say the Christian pieces on the market aren’t valuable, wanted, and relevant to some. It is. For some Christians, glazing over topics like rape, drug use, divorce…that’s sufficient. But many Christians have been left searching the secular section trying to find works with weight, that aren’t afraid of tackling complex and downright gritty material in depth. It seems to be an either/or situation– you can either have edgy, exciting pieces, or you can have Christian pieces, but you can’t have both.

Well I, for one, want to change that. I believe that Christian fiction can hold a mirror up to society without painting over the more horrific parts or fogging up the reflection. I believe that infusing God into mainstream fiction doesn’t have to be shunned, but should be celebrated. And that’s what I’ve tried to accomplish in “December’s Child” and what I’ll be striving for in all my future novels.

Is there a place for edgy Christian lit out there? I’d like to think so. Do you?

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