My will, your will, His will

Who’s will is it?

Recently, standing in line at the local grocery store, I had an interesting conversation about will power. Not will power in the traditional sense, but will power in the form of what many people refer to as “the power of positivity.”

Now, I’ll be the first to say I wholeheartedly believe in positive thought. What you give is what you get in most circumstances, in my opinion. But as I had this deep conversation, standing there with frozen garlic bread in hand, it occurred to me that most people think it’s a one size fits all, all encompassing theory. I beg to differ.

As the woman in front of me placed her assorted goodies on the conveyor belt, she turned to me and in typical small town fashion approached a friendly level of small talk. After several moments of chit-chat, she said my current good fortune was the power of positive thought! And truly, I couldn’t argue. It was mere hours after having decided I was moving on to outlining a new novel because I was convinced with every positive none in my body I’d get great news about my quest for publication that I received the offer from The Crossover Alliance.

But when I said I was blessed, she insisted it was less of a blessing by chance but a result SOLELY of the positive vibes I had sent out to the world. Which made me think–is the whole power of positive thought thing a way to try and bring about a will that’s selfishly our own?

For many, this line of thinking is used to try and bring about wealth, relationships, and worldly happiness, but I have to think that maybe sometimes the things we long for aren’t the things we need. To me, using positive thoughts is less about my will than God’s. Of course I want wealth, and for my relationships with others to be productive and healthy and caring, and to be able to enjoy life. But at the end of the day, I’m not trying to manifest that happiness against God’s will, it’s more like thanking Him for the blessings I have and for the blessings to come, even if those things aren’t what I’m specifically hoping for.

If positive thought is your thing, I think that’s great. Being happy and looking forward to good things in life makes for healthy thinking and overall a better perspective on life in general. But let’s not forget that every good thing comes from above and are not our own doing, lest we boast.


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