Today, this most auspicious of days, is LAUNCH DAY!

Yes ladies and gents, it is the day that I, for one, have been eager waiting for. Today is the day that I send my book baby out into the world. It’s been a long road, sometimes an incredibly bumpy road, but I’m so proud to say this book and I have made it through relatively unscathed and ready to take on the world.


And I’ve got a big dream I’m gunning for–I’m asking for everyone’s help on this, too, because I can’t do it alone!–I’m shooting for the New York Times Best Sellers list! And I’ve always believed that you just have to ask, and so I’m asking if you feel so inclined to help one woman reach a life goal, and have anywhere from $4 to $25 bucks (and want an excellent story in return!) please buy a copy and share it with your friends! It takes 9,000 opening week sales to get to that list and I know that with your help and support it’s something we can CRUSH.

From Ebooks to paperback to hardcover, you can buy a copy and help reach a dream at or you can find me Amazon or Barnes and Nobel!

As always, you’re all beautiful people and I couldn’t ask for a better tribe! Thanks for your support!

P.S. To see the book trailer, hop over to and let me know what you think!


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