“December’s Child”

DC and Keys

A Christian Novel with Grit

December's Child Cover
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DC and Keys

For 18 year old Jett, a child worker of the December Mining Corporation, earning a life outside the mines by selling her body is and always has been the plan, one that she’s nearly fulfilled—until she takes on a new trainee from the outside world. A daughter of a government historian bartered by her own mother, the unusual trainee houses not just a strange wealth of knowledge but a secret of monumental importance that is worth dying-and killing- for. When she unintentionally becomes the new keeper of the secret, Jett is thrust into a fight for survival and a quest for the freedom she’s longed for. Keeping the secret could cost her her life. Searching for answers all but ensures her death.

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“December’s Child” is a New Adult speculative fiction novel with spiritual undertones. Jennifer Banash, author of WHITE LINES and THE ELITE, raved– “You had me hooked from the very first page, and wholly invested in Jett, who is both a formidable and compelling heroine… you’ve created an imaginative world with vibrant characters that keep the reader turning pages in breathless anticipation of what may happen next—which is no small accomplishment!…rarely {do I read} a novel that is so beautifully rendered from the outset, but this is one of them!” Writer’s Digest applauded it as having “amazing character depth and beautiful, rich writing with fantastic voice.”

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