Obligatory Site Post

Because I believe in social media to connect with you lovely, beautiful people, rather than a site post, I often leave this site dormant. But I figured it’s been a few months and I can’t leave the site… Read More


Today, this most auspicious of days, is LAUNCH DAY! Yes ladies and gents, it is the day that I, for one, have been eager waiting for. Today is the day that I send my book baby out into… Read More

Real underground post mine illuminated tunnel .

Digital Preorders Are OPEN!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m a terrible web host. I’m genuinely awful at keeping up with the site, because I’m more of a Facebooker. On top of that, I’ve been semi-dark due to… Read More


It’s been a while, you lovely people!   I have taken some time off post writing here because I’ve been toiling away at a little short story called “sinEater”. For those of you who don’t know, sin eating… Read More

Scary World

Recent Tragedy- A Scary World

The world is becoming a scary place. I remember very clearly being a child who could find the good in everyone. I could look upon the evils of the world with childish naïveté and try to find the… Read More

My will, your will, His will

Who’s will is it? Recently, standing in line at the local grocery store, I had an interesting conversation about will power. Not will power in the traditional sense, but will power in the form of what many people… Read More

Some Big News!

Drum roll please… Today I am honored beyond words to announce that I have officially been inducted into The Crossover Alliance and will be joining the ranks of their highly talented and amazingly skilled authors this fall with… Read More

The Method

Working on the new stuff… So what’s a writer to do when the last novel is a wrap? Start a new one, naturally. And with that comes a list of to-do’s. Which means for all of you who… Read More

New Christian Fiction

Don’t think it can be gritty? It’s no big secret– Christian fiction has made a name for itself. It just so happens that name isn’t exactly synonymous with edgy, gritty fiction. If the world of the written word… Read More

New Clothes

A New Pair of Duds… It’s been a while since I started down this path of professional(esque) writer, taking my words to the street. Years, in fact– from concept to fleshing it out to having it edited, “December’s… Read More