About D.A.

The woman behind the words.

DAWilliamsD.A. Williams is a wife and mother above all else. She currently lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and two sons, who share their home with two dogs and two cats. It’s a veritable Noah’s Ark. When she’s not knee deep in cow poop or watching Bubble Guppies, she spends her time enjoying the finer things in life, like four-wheeling, eating chocolate, reading the Bible, drinking sweet tea, and of course writing Christian fiction.

She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1987 and has lived in Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina before returning to her home state. Her parents still reside in New York State.

dawhitelightningD.A. graduated from Guilderland High School in New York in 2006 and has received no formal training in anything, much less writing, from any college, but she writes anyway because she’s a rebel like that. She hopes to prove that even without a college degree, the success of a person depends on the will to succeed and not on the qualifications that are stated on a paper. (Although she does have a great amount of respect for those that do strive to receive a higher education.)

She believes that everyone has something to offer and that people banded together for a common cause can change the world. Causes like stopping abuse of every kind and finding cures for illnesses that impact millions every day.

“December’s Child” is her first completed stand alone novel, which may be followed by a sequel which is yet to be titled, should she be called to do so by her fans.